President's Letter

         Hello MOAA teammates! Mike Hester here with another letter as time seems to be flying by.
June already and I hope by the time you are reading this you have had an opportunity to sign up for our first face to face lunch in a long, long, time. Yes, you heard correctly, we are hosting our first face to face lunch on 5 June at the Underwood Golf Course. We will have our own Lennie Enzel as the guest speaker and although we are pulling it together as we speak, I think it will be worthwhile to have some face to face comradery (I certainly need it) and it should be a good time to catch up. However I expect to have some rust in the gears as it has been a long time but please show up if you can it should be a hoot! Good food, great people and a chance to catch up and feel human again.

By this time, I hope most of our members have been vaccinated and are finally confident enough to venture out a bit. If you are concerned about the COVID we are not judging anyone and I hope to be able to live stream our lunches in the future so folks can stay home and join in a bit of fun. From my foxhole fun is exactly what the doctor has ordered.

We have a ton of good news this time around. Two of our members were awarded the MOAA Communications Award, Bill Oseles for our Border Bulletin and Bill Moore for our electronic media. Way to go Fellas! You are both making us look very good, thanks for your hard work! Well done, if you see these guys around town, please give them a tip of the hat for their hard work on our behalf!

Some additional good news! The chapter was also awarded two MOAA national grants that we applied for last winter. We are doing the paperwork now but it looks like we will receive a $ 2,500 grant to support MWR on post and another to as- sist with COVID related expenses that should give us a bit more flexibility in how we help out our community in the future. Additionally, we made some decisions regarding our scholarship program that will allow us to maintain the program far into the future and when we are all sitting at Fiddlers Green, we will be able to look down and know deserving folks of future generations can be assisted by our efforts. If you want to know more come to the June 5th lunch and we will give chapter and foundation updates.

I did not receive any volunteer nominations and by now I know I sound like a broken record but here it comes again! We need help! We are looking for a few good women and men to assist both the foundation and chapter operations. Every little bit helps and to be brutally honest I am growing concerned about the ability of the chapter and foundation to maintain future operations. Right now we have vacancies in the secretary position, marketing, recruiting, advertising. And if you just want to assist, I guarantee we can find some work that is suitable to your needs. If you are interested please give me a shout at If you do not want to talk to me feel free to contact any of the BOD members and we will get you on the management team.

I am fired up about our June lunch I truly hope to see everyone there! I bet this June lunch is just what we need to gain some much needed momentum as it has been a hell of a year! I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day and I hope to see you on 5 June! As always proud to serve and I will see you on the high ground soon (preferably 5 June)!

PS- If you have concerns about COVID or are having trouble getting vaccinated come up on the net and we will get you squared away and pointed in the right direction.

What are you doing?  So what else can you do as a member of the El Paso active duty and retiree military community?    
A.  Get Informed.  Understand MOAA’s Top Ten Goals for the year, and track MOAA’s progress in fighting for your compensation and benefits.
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B.  Get involved.  
(1) Communicate directly with your political representatives.  You can send elected officials your own message of support utilizing MOAA National’s website, Legislative Action Center. You can also choose a MOAA-suggested message telling your elected leaders to support veteran focused legislation, especially important now as congressional leaders begin the debate on the NDAA.  Your message will be pushed automatically to your House and Senate leaders. Communicate directly to your elected officials and be heard.  It’s easy. Go to www.moaa.organd use their simple tools.  Its is easy…and it is effective.
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“Never Stop Serving"

Michael Hester
Colonel, United States Army, Retired
President - 2021