President's Letter

          Howdy Team! Judging by the winds we have been having in our Area of Operations lately it seems spring is in the air (or is that just dust)! As you are reading this in May I assume it is already a hot one so I hope everyone is getting ready for the June – September slog of hot temps. At least with this crowd you do not have to remind everyone to stay hydrated and watch that heat. 
We were hoping to have our first face to face lunch in April, how­ever I only received 11 RSVPs for “yes” and 5 for “no it is too early” so we cancelled it. We will send out another RSVP for a June lunch and I hope we can finally see each other face to face as it has been over a year. I do not know about you, but I am ready to get back to normal operating procedure. Please reply to the RSVP when it is sent out. 36 “Yes” is the magic number!! 
With that said I hope everyone has got their vaccine (if you want it). If you are having any difficulty getting signed up or you are not sure what to do, please come up on the net as we have plenty of folks that can point you in the right direction. 
Although I sound like a broken record, we are still looking for a few good women and men to assist both the foundation and chapter operations. Every little bit helps and to be brutally honest I am grow­ing concerned about the ability of the chapter and foundation to maintain future operations if we do not have some people who are willing to step up and catch hold and lift. We have excellent volunteers. but it seems like the weight of the operations land on the same shoulders. We have some excellent initiatives to get the MOAA name on the street but as always it takes great folks like you to make it happen. Right now, we have vacancies in the secretary position, marketing, recruiting, advertising. And if you just want to assist, I guarantee we can find some work that is suitable to your needs. If you are interested, please give me a shout at If you do not want to talk to me, feel free to contact any of the BOD members and we will get you on the management team. 
I do hope to see everyone face to face in June. It has been quite a year! As always proud to serve and I will see you on the high ground soon! 
PS- Did I mention we are looking for volunteers?

What are you doing?  So what else can you do as a member of the El Paso active duty and retiree military community?    
A.  Get Informed.  Understand MOAA’s Top Ten Goals for the year, and track MOAA’s progress in fighting for your compensation and benefits.
Stay connected  to MOAA:;                                                                                 ;                                                                                          
B.  Get involved.  
(1) Communicate directly with your political representatives.  You can send elected officials your own message of support utilizing MOAA National’s website, Legislative Action Center. You can also choose a MOAA-suggested message telling your elected leaders to support veteran focused legislation, especially important now as congressional leaders begin the debate on the NDAA.  Your message will be pushed automatically to your House and Senate leaders. Communicate directly to your elected officials and be heard.  It’s easy. Go to www.moaa.organd use their simple tools.  Its is easy…and it is effective.
(2) Become a MOAA Member and speak with one voice.  Your membership entitles you to access to, and use of valuable planning tools, and continuous lobbying efforts to preserve your earned military benefits.  Join now by visiting  
  “Professional Leaders belong to Professional Organizations.” Become part of the solution.  Join MOAA.  
“Never Stop Serving"

Michael Hester
Colonel, United States Army, Retired
President - 2021