President's Letter

          Happy belated fourth of July and Independence Day of our beloved country. By the time you are reading this I am hoping that the summer of COVID is over and we are discussing this note face-to-face at our monthly lunch. However, as you know better than most, hope is not a method. luckily, we are “plan for the worst hope for the best” type of folks and whatever this world throws at us we are “seasoned” enough to weather the storm with a smile. 

On the COVID front I am as disappointed as you to continually postpone our face to face lunches and meetings. We have a great crew in our chapter and it has already been too long since we broke bread together. I am truly looking forward to our next get together and I ask everyone to continue being patient. On a positive note I am tracking that everyone is being safe and smart and that no member has gotten sick. If we have anyone or if you know of anyone who needs help or assistance do not hesitate to shoot off a red star cluster and we will send the cavalry! 

Unfortunately, COVID is also having a negative impact on our funding. It has been a few months since we have taken in any revenue and it looks like our traditional day of giving is going to be postponed. If anyone has a bright idea to make up for the reduced revenue come up on the net and we will discuss it at our July board meeting. The more money we have in the pot the more options we have as an organization. It is not panic time but it is time to look at some options to keep revenue flowing for both the chapter and the foundation. 

Finally, I am sure everyone has been watching our country tear itself apart over the horrible George Floyd murder and the subsequent rioting and lawlessness. As for me it has been very tough to watch what seems like many young folks who have little if any love of country terrorizing the streets of cities we pledged to defend. Next time we get face to face I would be very interested in hearing your take and if MOAA as an organization should have any position on the subject. If you do not want to wait please sling me a note at if you have any ideas or suggestions. 

I sincerely hope we get a chance to meet face to face soon and discuss the above topics while we enjoy each other’s company again. In the meantime, hold fast, enjoy the summer, and I look forward to seeing you on the high ground! 

What are you doing?  So what else can you do as a member of the El Paso active duty and retiree military community?    
A.  Get Informed.  Understand MOAA’s Top Ten Goals for the year, and track MOAA’s progress in fighting for your compensation and benefits.
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B.  Get involved.  
(1) Communicate directly with your political representatives.  You can send elected officials your own message of support utilizing MOAA National’s website, Legislative Action Center. You can also choose a MOAA-suggested message telling your elected leaders to support veteran focused legislation, especially important now as congressional leaders begin the debate on the NDAA.  Your message will be pushed automatically to your House and Senate leaders. Communicate directly to your elected officials and be heard.  It’s easy. Go to www.moaa.organd use their simple tools.  Its is easy…and it is effective.
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“Never Stop Serving"

Michael Heter
Colonel, United States Army, Retired
President - 2020