Scholarship Program

The Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) Scholarship Fund was established in 1948 to provide educational assistance for children of military families. It is based on one of the Association's founding principals that "education is the cornerstone of a strong Democracy". It is supported by donations and bequests from MOAA chapters, members, corporations, and others.



Interest-Free Loan and Grant Program provides interest-free loans and grants to students (under age 24) who are children of former, currently serving, or retired commissioned or warrant officers (Regular, Reserve or Guard) and to children of currently serving or retired enlisted military personnel (Regular, Reserve or Guard), for up to 5 years of undergraduate education at an accredited 2 or 4-year college or university of their choice.
The American Patriot Scholarship provides grants to students (under age 24) whose military parent - officer or enlisted - died while in active service (Regular, Reserve or Guard) to our nation, for up to 5 years of undergraduate education at an accredited 2 or 4-year college or university of their choice.

The MOAA Scholarship Fund is a non-profit, charitable organization incorporated in Virginia and declared tax-exempt by the Internal Revenue Service under §501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Its tax identification number is 54-1659039. MOAA is committed to demonstrating the highest standards of public accountability and stewardship of donor’s gifts.
The MOAA Scholarship Fund is a member of the Military, Veterans & Patriotic Service Organizations of America and is rated Best in America by the Independent Charities of America.


Applicants for our programs must be attending an accredited college or university as full-time students during the 2024-2025 academic year. All loans, scholarships, and grants are for students seeking their first undergraduate degree and are awarded for no more than five school years. No loans, scholarships, or grants are available for graduate-level studies.
General Eligibility: Applicants must be under 24 years old. Applicants must have a parent eligible for MOAA membership or be children of active duty, Reserve, National Guard, or retired enlisted military personnel. If the applicant served in a uniformed service before completing college, his or her maximum age for eligibility will be increased by the number of years he or she so served, up to five years. Applicants must have a high school GPA of 3.0 or higher. Children attending U.S. military academies and academy prep schools are not eligible. If selected for any Educational Assistance program, the sponsoring parent must have a paid MOAA membership (if parent is a military officer) throughout the college years and, if applicable, until the loan is repaid. Male applicants are encouraged to register for the Selective Service.
Selection Criteria: We evaluate students based of their scholastic ability, extracurricular activities, and financial need. The applicant provides this information in the online application.
Process: We notify semifinalists in the spring, and they must submit supporting documentation. We notify finalists in early summer, and they must submit proof of MOAA membership as appropriate and a fully executed promissory note.
Interest-Free Loans: This is our main program. The interest-free loans are renewable annually for up to five years of full-time undergraduate study. Students selected as loan recipients and their sponsoring parent must sign a promissory note before receiving funds. We disburse funds electronically in two increments: one-half in early August and one-half in mid-December.
American Patriot Scholarship: Limited to students who qualify for the interest-free loan program and whose military parent has died on active service or is receiving Traumatic Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance (T-SGLI) payments.  
Designated Scholar Program: We consider all loan recipients for this program. Students chosen receive a $500 grant named by the donor. Students must correspond with the donor or their designee each fall.
Senior Grants: We notify current loan recipients entering their final year in college of these grants in January of their junior year. Students who believe they are eligible for these grants and who do not receive an emailed link to the application should email for additional information. Recipients of Senior Grants become ineligible for further Educational Assistance programs. The number of grants awarded varies from year to year.
General John Paul Ratay Educational Fund Grants: These grants are limited to children whose military parent retired and subsequently died. Students qualifying for a loan who meet the criteria of a Ratay grant are automatically considered. Students who believe they are eligible for these grants and who do not receive a request for supporting documentation should email Funding for this grant is limited, so we might not award these annually.
MOAA disburses scholarships and grants in early August. Students may only receive one type of Educational Assistance each school year.   
For more information about the scholarship program, including how to donate, visit
Please note:

• Remember your username, password and security questions as you will need this information through the application cycle.
• Membership in MOAA (for officers) or, MOAA’s subsidiary for non-MOAA members, Voices for America’s Troops (for enlisted personnel) will be required if your child is selected to receive Educational Assistance from us.
• Students whose parents are classified as Traumatic SGLI may now apply for the American Patriot Scholarship. We ask for the TSGLI classification in the application for information purposes only.  


Texas Armed Services Scholarship

Scholarship awards are dependent on the funds available each year. For the 2015-2016 academic year, students may receive a scholarship award up to $10,000. Any amount paid to a student by the branch of the armed services of the United States during an academic year for which the student receives a Texas Armed Services Scholarship will be deducted from the total scholarship award distributed. A student could receive less money each year, contingent on the funding available for up to five years. Texas law does not allow a student to receive more than $15,000 per year.