Chaplain's Corner - January/February 2019

Valentine's Day is here again, reminding us of the love some share with their partners here or abroad, for the ones deployed. For others, the love that we enjoyed when we had our spouses, is still in our hearts.

Love, as we know, comes in different forms. The love of God, which is the purest in life. The love for friends and family.


The individual love of one person with another. On Valentine's Day, even from afar, the focus is mostly on the individual love of companionship. It is the love of experiencing many emotions.

With spouses, the experience of trust, respect and patience. When we have our partners, the love that we share is mostly understood. Many times, it's the little things that matter and that make a difference, which make the relationship flourish with each passing day.

Valentine's Day is a time to celebrate whether we have our spouses or not. For the ones that are privileged to have their partners, it's a great joy to remember what each other have done to preserve and keep the relationship intact, enduring the ups and downs.

For the ones that no longer have their loved ones, the experiences that were shared are cherished in our memories. The opportunity that God gave us to have loved our partners, will stay in our hearts for as long as we live.

Mrs. Connie Sullivan
Chapter Chaplain