Chaplain's Corner -February 2021

February is now here and it seems like we have survived the horrendous year of 2020. To say the least, it was a tremendous challenge, as we know, especially for those who lost their loved ones. Our hearts go out to them and they are in our daily prayers. We, most of us, pray for the people that have been afflicted by the Covid and do continue to keep them in our daily worship of God.

For others like in my case, there were blessings in that it brought my family together. Relatives that I hadn’t seen in years have come closer to unite as a unit of God again and has been a wonderful experience.

The love of God that radiates to everyone is also very strong in mothers’ hearts. The instinct that is embedded in a mother is astonishing and amazing.

A few months ago as I was changing the channel on the television Christian net work. I came across a preacher that was relating a story of a soldier during WWI. I am sorry to say that I did not get his name because the program had already started when I tuned in and since I was searching for a particular channel, didn’t listened long enough to see what program it was, but was able to hear enough of the experience that this young man went through.

The soldier had been on board a ship and was up on the deck when a bomb hit the vessel and the young man was thrown off the ship and into the sea. Since, of course, he had a life vest on, he was able to stay afloat in the water until he was rescued. He told the people of the ship that picked him up that the only thing that kept him alive and sane was memorizing the numbers that were on the vest he was wearing.

When he got back home, he asked his mother what the numbers on the vest meant because she worked at the place where they were made. She said that the company she worked for had a system that assigned certain number of vests to inspectors to check each vest to make sure that they were in perfect condition before they were shipped out to the war zone. It so happened that the vest with the numbers the soldier was wearing at that time and had memorized, was one of the ones his mother had been assigned to inspect making sure that there were no flaws on it when it was sent to a soldier in combat.

Yes, the love a mother from God can even transcend the sea to reach the destination of her loved one without even knowing it. For the son to know that not only God but that his mother had had a part in his survival, must have been an awesome feeling.

It is wonderful to know that our Supreme Being’s love penetrates the souls of His children like the rays of the sun with such a strong, majestic and mighty power.

Mrs. Connie Sullivan
Chapter Chaplain