Surviving Spouse Corner -February 2021

February is such a fun time of the year, and most of us women, look forward to the gifts of flower bouquets, bears, and chocolates. The love that we celebrate is amazingly beautiful because, the gift of love is one of the principles of the gospel.

We give gifts to friends, relatives, loved ones and especially to our spouses or partners and children.

To our children, we give gifts not only on Valentine’s Day but all year round, when ever the occasion arises.

I remember that when my husband was alive, we loved to travel all over the country and went to as many states as we possibly could.

In our travels, like most mothers who always want to buy souvenirs for their kids, when we were going through Arizona we stopped at a gift shop at a truck stop.

I bought bracelets for my girls and a pendant with a brown cord that had a blue round medallion with a sun on it for my son. When I sent it to him, he was so happy to receive it and wore it faithfully. At that time, he was living in Hawaii working with his father-in- law who was a contractor and were building houses close to shore.

I never thought in my life that that pendant would bring me such a tremendous blessing. My son loved that gift so much that he wore it every day. Since the weather is warm in that Island, he would wear it inside his T-shirt making sure it would not be in the way of his work.

He told me that one day as he was using the nail gun on the roof of one of the houses they were building, one of the nails slipped off the nail gun and hit him right on the chest.

He said that if it had not been for the pendant that had moved over on his heart area, the nail would have gone right into his heart.

It’s amazing how the Lord gives us all, ways of doing things to help protect the lives of our children and loved ones even without us realizing it before the events happen.

God as we know, is awesome, merciful and kind. My son has not forgotten how our Supreme Being protected him with a pendant that was given to him by his mother, with so much love; and yes, the pendant broke in half.
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