Surviving Spouse Corner -April 2022

Wow! My Dear Members, it's hard to believe that April is already here and that we are celebrating " Easter ". One of the most wonderful holidays of the year. Time does go fast.

" Easter " for non-believers, is a very fun time because it's when to have BarBQues, East- er egg hunts, for the little ones, and family gatherings. For believers, even though they do enjoy some of the same things, it is a very sacred, solemn and sublime time of the year because they focus in their believe of the death and resurrection of the Lord, Jesus Christ.

Some religions have different meanings for this holiday called the Passover, also. For example, the Jewish faith cele- brate it signifying the Hebrew people coming out of Egypt. Two years ago, I had the honor of attending a Passover Service. It was spiritual, sacred and very reverent.

So however manner we celebrate this marvelous holiday, the magic of feeling like being renewed of spirit and soul, comes from God and also from the fact that Spring is here or very close. At this time, we are starting to see small blooms on the trees and flower plants and also are hearing some birds sing.

What an amazing experience to feel alive and invigorated, wanting to work on our gardens, or house cleaning, by weeding out things we don't need in our homes, anymore. In other words, just being excited for blessings God gives us to be here enjoying our families and friends.

Of course, it is understandable that there are people that are going through either physical or emotional trials and can- not feel especially enthusiastic because of their illnesses. However, we can always count our blessings. If we can see, walk, or speak, these are blessings in themselves that we can be thankful for.

So, yes, we can rejoice in whatever circumstance we find ourselves in, for if we are here on earth, we can feel the joy, love, protection of our majestic awesome God who provides and grants His children the pure love He has for us.

May the beauty of His spirit be upon us in our daily lives, keeping us safe from harm and evil. " HAPPY EASTER "
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