PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE - April / May 2017

          Follow-up:  “Under Attack:  Concurrent Receipt of Retirement Pay and Disability Compensation for Disabled Veterans.”  In the January Border Bulletin I reported on the threat of Option 11 under the Mandatory Spending section of the Congressional Budget Office Reduction Options – a section entitled, “Eliminate Concurrent Receipt of Retirement Pay and Disability Compensation for Disabled Veterans.”  Since January MOAA has continued to lead the effort to end Disability Offset and pursue full concurrent receipt of both service-earned military retired pay and VA Disability Compensation.  MOAA has continued to work with Congress to get the authority for concurrent receipt greatly expanded, eliminating the offset for retirees with non-combat disabilities rated at 50 percent or higher.  The Director of Policy and Advocacy for Currently Serving and Retired Affairs, COL Mike Barron, USA (Ret) stated, “even though we still have more to do, this ranks as one of MOAA’s most important legislative achievements.” 

MOAA National continues to pursue plans to phase out the Disability Offset for all disabled retired service members.  In the close fight, MOAA’s initial priority remains to end the offset for those “who were prevented from serving twenty years solely because they became severely disabled in service.”  To date, companion Concurrent Receipt Bills have been introduced in both houses of Congress.  H.R. 333, The Disabled Veteran’s Tax Termination Act, and H.R 303, the Retired Pay Restoration Act have both been introduced to permit retirees with disability ratings of less than 50 percent to receive full concurrent receipt.  H.R 333 also targets support for Chapter 61 retirees with less than twenty years of service.  In the Senate, S.66 the Retired Pay Restoration Act, was also introduced.  
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Texas sate legislators recently passed legislation that expanded the list of acceptable military medals which allow vehicle registration fees to be waived. Read More

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Chapter Member Selected to Chief of Staff, Army Retired Soldier Council

Op Freedom’s Sentinel ‘Ready First’ Soldiers are organized, prepared for deployment

As the sun rose high in the sky, and the 1st Armored Division Band played in the background, Soldiers assigned to 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division, spanned the length of the “Ready First” parade field awaiting the casing of the brigade colors Jan 6. The casing of the colors was the final ceremony before the brigade deploys to Afghanistan in support of the Global War on Terrorism. Read More

Harlem Globetrotters bring their 2017 world tour to El Paso

Families and fans gathered at the Don Haskins Center at the University of Texas at El Paso on Jan. 8 to watch the awe-inspiring basketball skills of the world-famous Harlem Globetrotters.

As one of the first stops on the team’s 2017 world tour, the Globetrotters and allowed families to meet and speak with some of the players before the game. Read More

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Fort Bliss Access Control Points

A 100% identification card check of all personnel will be implemented at all Fort Bliss access control points.

All Department of Defense and non-DoD vehicular occupants, including the driver and all of-age passengers, will have to present an ID card - valid state driver's license, government/federal ID card, passport, etc. - for authorized access to Fort Bliss. Read More

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Military retiree COLA is calculated based on the CPI for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers (CPI-W), not the overall CPI. Monthly changes in the index may differ from national figures reported elsewhere. Read More

Texas Vet: Hazlewood Act

The Hazlewood Act is a State of Texas benefit that provides qualified Veterans, spouses, and dependent children with an education benefit of up to 150 hours of tuition exemption, including most fee charges, at public institutions of higher education in Texas. This does NOT include living expenses, books, or supply fees. Read More

Think Tank Proposes Major Cuts to Servicemember's BAH

Basic Allowance for Housing still in the spotlight. A prominent conservative think tank has proposed drastic changes to the military’s Basic Allowance for Housing, which they say too many troops view as an entitlement. . Read More

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