El Paso Chapter Outreach Foundation Donors

2019 Donors

National University
Captain Roger Nichols
Mrs. Edith Oblinger
Mr. Gus Rodriguez
BG & Mrs. Jack Kotter

2018 Donors

Captain Stephen & Celina Mendoza
Colonel Maureen Lofberg
Lieutenant Colonel Ludwig Bezemek
Lieutenant Colonel  B. J. Jackson
Mrs. Gaetana Broillet
Mrs. Ann P Niethammer
Lieutenant Colonel Martha Caldwell
Colonel Constance & Lieutenant Colonel William Moore
Lieutenant Colonel and Mrs. Sherman Rollins
Colonel and Mrs. Forrest Smith
Candlewood Suites
Colonel Lenore Enzel
Major General and Mrs. James Maloney
Lieutenant Colonel and Mrs. Tu Nguyen
Chief Warrant Officer and Mrs. Stuart Flowers
Captain Allen Roger Nichols
Mrs. Janet Rasmussen
Terrence & Margarita Powers
Daniel & Kathleen Schulte
Major General & Mrs Edward Greer

2018 Communications Award