2021 Board of Directors and Officers

President   COL Mike Hester 760-969-2102
Secretary   Vacant  
Treasurer   LTC Dave Powell 4911272
Chaplain   Mrs Connie Sullivan 778-0948
Immediate Past President   COL Forrest Smith  
Past President   COL Lennie Enzel  
Legislative Liaison   CW2 Dave Garcia 549-2775
Membership Chairman   CPT Steve Mendoza 755-6726
Programs   Col Bob Pitt 533-5111
Public Relations   LTC Martha Caldwell 375-9404
Publications/Editor   COL William Oseles 319-9048
Auxiliary Liaison   Mrs. Connie Sullivan 778-0948
Webmaster   LTC William L Moore 842-9650
Personal Affairs Committee Chair   Vacant  
TOPS   Col Chuck Wehmhoner 585-9106
Chair, ROTC/JROTC/Youth Activities   LTC Webster Powell  
Membership Database   LTC William L Moore 842-9650
Door Prizes   LTC Martha Caldwell 375-9404
Post Liaison   Vacant  
Thrift Shop Liaison   Vacant  


2020 Communications Award