Chaplain's Corner - April 2018

Watching the news is hard to believe that there are so many tragedies happening in our country when our own military is at war and in so much danger.
To think that the focus should be in praying for our men and women in combat instead of directing energy, time, and effort toward hatred, and violence within our own people is unreal and is not conducive to the betterment of our fellow beings.
The unity that made this country so great seems like it is vanishing. Now there is so much mourning and sorrow.
Why we are letting negativism take over, is beyond believe and understanding. Why can we not remember that we are a nation under God, as the Pledge of Allegiance states, and that we are in peril of losing the strength and common ideals that gave us the compelling force of freedom, believes and unity.
May we as a chosen country of prosperity, charity, and love turn to our Supreme Being to protect us in the times to come and may we repent of our wrong doings.
For life is short and the stakes are very high, and may God continue to Bless America.

Mrs. Connie Sullivan
Chapter Chaplain