Chaplain's Corner - December 2017

How beautiful it is to see our people come together in the face of tragedies.  Helping each other is how God made us to be.  Also, it is wonderful seeing our military stepping in to give aid in conjunction with other organizations. 

Compassion and charity have been the strongest qualities of our nation, not only here in our country but all over the world.  The United States is mainly the first one to respond, to serve, and to give help to those in need in other countries.  Yes, we have our differences and problems, but the fact remains that the basic belief of goodness is in us. 

Even with the great challenges we are experiencing, given the devastation of nature storms and tragedies inflicted by our own fellow Americans which have caused so much pain and sorrow, we still have the empathy and desire to remember our principle of charity.  For such a long time, we have had an abundance of well-being. 

Now is the time to exercise not only our faith, but our charitable attributes and abilities as well.  Our organizations are responding as best they can and we, as well, are giving of our resources.  Let us not forget that praying for those that are going through such difficult times will be of the utmost importance. 

May God continue to help us and may we repent of our wrongdoings so that His blessings will be upon us in our daily lives.  

Mrs. Connie Sullivan
Chapter Chaplain