President's Letter

1. MOAA National News.  In January, MOAA National published the Top 10 Legislative Goals for 2018 in the newly formatted Military Officer magazine.  There is an excellent detailed explanation of the background and remedy for each of these goals in the magazine.  After 16 years of war, and with unpredictable political transitions in the coming year, the time has never been more important to “circle the wagons” and link arms in the fight to preserve your benefits and entitlements.  We will discuss opportunities to collaborate on these goals throughout the year.  I encourage you to join MOAA efforts at the local and National level, in our collective efforts to pursue the top 10 legislative goals for 2018.
  1. Top 10 Legislative Goals for 2018.
  1.  Ensure TRICARE reform sustains access to top quality care.
  2.  Prevent disproportional TRICARE fee increases.
  3.  Sustain military pay comparability with the private sector.
  4.  Block erosion of compensation and non-pay and quality of life benefits.
  5.  Protect military retirement and COLAs.
  6.  Sustain wounded warrior programs and expand caregiver support.
  7.  End financial penalties to survivors and the disabled.
  8.  Ensure the Guard and Reserve system adequately supports the requirements for an operational reserve.
  9.  Ensure spouse and family support programs are aligned with current and emerging needs of an all-volunteer force.
  10.  Ensure timely access to VA health care and preserve earned veterans benefits.
Note: Visit, or call (800) 234-MOAA to subscribe to The MOAA Newsletter on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, and select topic areas of interest – and get periodic updates on goals and key actions.
  1. New Military Officer magazine format.  Editor Molly Wyman and the Rachel Barth, the Creative Director for Military Officer magazine, have combined efforts to execute an excellent revision of the magazine’s format, emphasizing “relevance and value across MOAA’s diverse membership.”  In addition to the new format there are numerous informative articles to include an excellent presentation of the 2018 Transition Guide, and an excellent review of the 2018 NDAA in the Mission Critical Legislative news section, entitled “Final Text of FY 2018 National Defense Authorization Act Released.”  Well done ladies.
 2. Supporting the El Paso Community.  So what can you do to contribute to your El Paso military community and MOAA’s efforts to protect you benefits?  
A.  Get Informed.  Understand MOAA’s Top Ten Goals for the year, and track MOAA’s progress in fighting for your compensation and benefits.
B.  Get involved. 
(1)  Communicate directly with your political representatives.  You can send elected officials your own message of support utilizing MOAA National’s website, Legislative Action Center.  You can also choose a MOAA-suggested message telling your elected leaders to stop defense bill personnel and compensation cuts.  Your message will be pushed automatically to your House and Senate leaders.  Communicate directly to your elected officials and be heard.  It’s easy.  Go to and use their simple tools.  Its easy…and effective.
(2)  Become a MOAA Member and speak with one voice.  Your membership entitles you to access to, and use of valuable planning tools, and continuous lobbying efforts to preserve your earned military benefits.  Join now by visiting 

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“Never Stop Serving"

Forrest Smith
Colonel, United States Army, Retired
President - 2018

2016 Communications Award